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As a finishing touch to perfect longer-lasting makeup, Capture Totale Loose Powder recreates the radiance and perfection of a vibrant and youthful complexion. It delivers a triple action: corrects, evens out skin texture and illuminates the complexion.


Perfection and radiance


Enriched with the essence of the Longoza Cellular™ complex and multifaceted embellishing pigments that boost radiance, the powder corrects, evens out skin texture, and intensely illuminates the complexion.

Application Tips

Apply the powder over foundation or directly after your Capture Totale skincare to illuminate the face:

1) To set and illuminate makeup: apply the powder evenly over the entire face using the puff.

2) To optically enhance facial contours: use the Powder Brush No. 14 to sculpt the lower face, moving up the cheeks and smooth under the eyes. Deposit touches of light beneath the brow arch.


Capture Totale loose powder comes with a large, soft puff.