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Dior Prestige Light-in-White offers a new preventive* approach to help diminish the appearance of dark spots and the yellowing of skin, all year round.

The Dior Prestige Light-in-White brightening lotion combines the freshness of an essence and the comfort of an oil. On the surface, its soft peeling action gently eliminates dead skin cells to reveal a radiantly glowing complexion. It boosts hydrolipidic flows, to help prevent the emergence of new dark spots and the premature yellowing of skin every day.
A rare alchemy for an outstanding action on the youthful beauty and glow of Asian skin, even the most fragile.

* At Dior.


The circulation of hydrolipidic flows is essential to the skin's cellular renewal and radiance. The new fundamental step in the Dior Prestige Light-in-White skincare ritual, L'Oléo-Essence Lumière boosts the skin's hydrolipidic flows. Instantly, skin is illuminated with a vibrant, healthy glow. Its light capital and youthful beauty are lastingly protected.


Incredibly lightweight and yet so nourishing, the L’Oléo-Essence Lumière’s biomimetic texture is a feat of oil-gel capsule technology: jelled into an infinity of pearls, white rose oil an infinity of jelled pearls adds an extraordinary richness to the intense hydration of the Rose de Granville essence. This meticulously developed composition is in perfect harmony with the skin’s hydrolipidic balance, offering beneficial comfort and optimal penetration.

Key Ingredient

L’Oléo-Essence Lumière concentrates a trio of exceptional natural-origin ingredients that boost the skin to reveal new-found skin radiance.
Rose de Granville essence helps support the skin's hydrous flow to promote skin's radiance.
White rose oil, combined with a Japanese apricot extract, boosts lipidic flow to combat signs of complexion yellowing.
Natural PHAs offer the skin a micro-peeling to gently eliminate dead skin cells and ideally reflect light.

Test Result

A prelude to the brightening ritual, L’Oléo-Essence Lumière delivers significant skin luminosity, transparency and uniformity results:

Upon the first application:
Visibility of pigmentation spots: -10%
Skin suppleness: +16%
Luminosity: +28%
Uniformity: +17%

After two months of application:
Visibility of pigmentation spots: -23%
Skin suppleness: +37%
Luminosity: +39%
Uniformity: +40%
Yellow complexion: -20%

Applied daily, the brightening effectiveness of La Solution Lumière is boosted by L’Oléo-Essence Lumière.

** Self-assessment by scoring - 32 women at 2 months and 34 women after their first application.

Application Tips

Apply morning and evening to the face, before the serum. Can be applied using a cotton pad to eliminate impurities.