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Dior Prestige Le Micro-Fluide Teint de Rose is the foundation infused with millions of micro-pearls* with a rosy sheen that reveals a visibly more radiant complexion after each application. In one month, the skin becomes 23%** more luminous: 100%*** of women agree.

Enriched with micro-nutrients from the Rose de Granville, this foundation acts as micro-nutritive skincare with clinically proven effectiveness: wrinkles appear diminished and skin firmness and hydration are improved.

Adopt the routine for a perfect complexion by applying the Dior Prestige Le Micro-Fluide Teint de Rose foundation after La Micro-Huile de Rose Advanced Serum: the foundation’s micro-pearls help reduce the appearance of skin imperfections by 37%.**** Together, they provide the skin with 102% hydration.*****


* In a 30 ml bottle.
** Clinical test on 34 women, on bare skin.
*** Consumer test on 60 women, after one week of using the foundation.
**** Instrumental test on 15 subjects combining Dior Prestige La Micro-Huile de Rose Advanced Serum + foundation.
***** Instrumental test on 11 subjects after 6 hours combining Dior Prestige La Micro-Huile de Rose Advanced Serum + foundation.


Instantly, the revitalizing and moisturizing action of the foundation rebalances and nourishes the skin. Under your fingertips, the skin rediscovers the feeling of rose-petal perfection: fine and smooth skin texture and more harmonious contours. Day after day, the skin regains vitality and radiance.

Exceptional results on the skin:

- The complexion is more radiant for 100%* of women.
- The skin's texture is refined for 100%* of women.
- Fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed for 95%* of women.
- The skin’s natural rosy glow is restored for 98%* of women.

* Consumer test on 60 Chinese women after one week of use.


Le Micro-Fluide Teint de Rose's melting texture is luscious and soft upon application.

The millions of micro-pearls* are dispersed perfectly evenly and homogenously, releasing their correcting and illuminating power to boost the complexion’s radiance.

Dermatologically tested.
Non-comedogenic, non-sticky.

* In a 30 ml bottle.


Specifically designed to enhance the luminosity of Asian skin and create a natural rosy glow, the foundation's shades come in seven hues. Day after day, the complexion is more beautiful and the skin is enhanced with a rosy glow, even when bare.

Application Tips

Inspired by traditional Asian massages, the Dior experts have created a unique* foundation application technique:

1. For complete regenerating action, first apply La Micro-Huile de Rose Advanced Serum, the universal regenerating micro-nutritive concentrate.
2. Using the Kabuki Brush, apply Le Micro-Fluide Teint de Rose using circular movements to smooth lines and reinvigorate tired skin.

* At Dior.


Inspired by Asian skincare techniques, the Dior Prestige Kabuki Brush
offers a unique* method for applying Le Micro-Fluide Teint de Rose foundation. Applying in circular movements helps smooth lines and reinvigorate tired skin.

This thick, flat, generous brush picks up and delivers the perfect amount of foundation for an even and extremely precise application, both when swept across the entire face and when used to define contours.

The exceptionally fine and soft synthetic bristles caress the skin ever so delicately and adapt to each skin type.

* At Dior.