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Dior Prestige Light-In-White Crème is the 1st brightening creme with deep polishing action.

Dior has developed the DEEP GLOSS COMPLEX, a Dior innovation, that goes beyond the skin’s surface to combat the lack of sheen.


Dior DEEP GLOSS COMPLEX works with a triple action to:

- Act deep down to reinforce the skin's structure and prevent deep sagging.
- Tighten pores on the skin’s surface.
- Help to neutralise inflammation of deep seated sebaceous Glands.

Dior Prestige Light-In-White Crème contains pearlisers for instant light activation with beautiful glossiness but no shine effect.

To maximise their efficacy, the Dior Institute has designed Gloss Petal™, an immaculate white applicator pad that’s heavenly to touch: its leather-like texture combines the effect and feel of the finest leather buff and the softness of a White Rose petal.


With its new liquid-light texture that is lighter than ever, rich in action but featherlight to the touch, the creme Prestige Light-in-White Crème melts instantly into the skin, bringing instant comfort and pleasure. The skin is ultra-smooth, perfectly lustred, glossified to ideally reflect the light.

Key Ingredient

At the heart of the Dior Prestige Light-In-White is the Dior White Rose, selected for its infinite whiteness, which combines with the Rose de Granville for an extraordinary dual brightening and regenerating action.

Today, Dior Science has uncovered a deep light-diffusing action in the Dior White Rose and transposed it into TranslumineScienceTM, an exclusive technology that dramatically reactiviates the skin's diffusion of light.

Test Result

Exceptional performance assessed by a dermatologist investigator*:
Skin texture is improved : +33%
Skin is moisturized : +55%
Complexion is brightened :+42%
“Light”** index improvement : +43%

*Clinical assessment tested on 33 women after 2 months of application
**Light index mean (Radiance + brightness/luminosity + transparency + moisturized aspect of the skin)

Application Tips

Just slip two fingers into the Petal and sweep it smoothly over the face in broad polishing movements. The gloss Petal applicator is made of soft leather-like material and can be cleaned with a slightly wet towel (diameter : 57mm).