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The 1st Dior colored lip balm featuring a formula enriched with a floral complex, concentrated in extracts of peony, pomegranate flower, fig blossom and red hibiscus flower for more beautiful lips day after day. Composed of 95%* natural-origin ingredients, Rouge Dior colored lip balm procures a soothing effect and delivers 24h** of hydration.

Available notably in matte and velvet finishes, a result of breakthrough formulations, it smooths and naturally enhances lips for a blurring effect. Innovative and surprising, the velvet finish exists in the universal 000 Diornatural shade. Also available in a satin finish, the colored lip balm brightens lips for a perfectly satiny, natural result.

For these new, ultra-natural finishes, Dior reinterprets the nude in a range of shades to suit different lip tones in order to enhance their natural beauty: true beiges, darker rosewoods with yellow undertones and iconic reds with a softer, lighter quality.

Rouge Dior colored lip balm deposits just the right amount of product onto lips to provide a bare-lip sensation effect while bathing them in a light veil of color. Its subtle coverage makes it suitable for women and men who want to maintain beautiful, well-hydrated lips with imperceptible perfection.

It can be used on its own or under other Rouge Dior lipstick finishes, as a primer, for added comfort to lips.

Like Rouge Dior lipstick, the colored lip balm is adorned with a band featuring the "CD" initials, as an echo to the fitted waists of the House's runway look.

The refillable Rouge Dior colored lip balm is part of the eco-design strategy of the House of Dior.

* Amount calculated based on the ISO 16128-1 and ISO 16128-2 standard.
** Instrumental test on 10 subjects.


A soothing colored lip balm with floral lip care for 24h* of hydration. Nourished and smoothed, lips rediscover their natural beauty. Day after day, they are protected from external stress factors that can lead to dryness. The Rouge Dior colored lip balm formula is composed of 95%** natural-origin ingredients.

* Instrumental test on 10 subjects.
** Amount calculated based on the ISO 16128-1 and ISO 16128-2 standard.


A formula composed of 95%* natural-origin ingredients, enriched with a hydrating and soothing floral complex.

Thanks to the House of Dior's remarkable expertise, each part of the formula has been infused with a floral extract - peony, pomegranate flower, fig blossom and red hibiscus flower.

- The base of the formula contains waxes and oils of natural origin, in addition to shea butter, which provides a nourishing effect. The pomegranate flower extract infused in this base works to contribute to a plumping effect and smoother lips to allow for an even expression of color.
- The phase of the formula containing a subtle dose of pigments to match the color of lips as closely as possible is infused with an extract of red hibiscus flower, which helps soothe and better protect lips from external stress factors.
- The final phase of the formula, drawing on Dior expertise, adds to the colored lip balm's high level of performance. It is infused with an extract of red peony, which helps maintain the natural hydration of lips and enhance their color, as well as a fig blossom extract for added suppleness and softness.

* Amount calculated based on the ISO 16128-1 and ISO 16128-2 standard.


Discover the clear, universal 000 Diornatural shade in its satin or velvet finish for naturally satiny or velvety lips.

A palette of shades developed around nude, including rosewoods, pinkish reds and orangey reds ranging from brick to coral. Available in matte, velvet or satiny finishes.


Use Rouge Dior colored lip balm on its own or as a primer under Rouge Dior lipstick, for a bold color effect.




The eco-designed Rouge Dior Balm refill is easy to use and now lets you refill your lip balm in one simple step.


A name, a date or a message: add a personal touch to your Dior lip balm with the engraving service.