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Dior innovates with Rouge Dior Forever, the 1st transfer-proof Dior lipstick in a bullet format. Ultra-pigmented for intense color and concentrated in floral lip care, it ensures 16h* of wear without compromising comfort.

All day long, Rouge Dior Forever transfer-proof lipstick is resistant to contact, even with fabrics; the couture color with an ultra-matte finish does not budge. The shades are revealed and emboldened, more intense than ever.

Echoing Christian Dior's love of flowers, Rouge Dior Forever is infused with red peony extract, an iconic ingredient at the heart of the Rouge Dior collection, to help maintain the natural hydration of the lips.

Comfortable and supple from morning until night, lips are enhanced with color that remains intact and intense, that you'll forget you're wearing: no need for touch-ups with this transfer-proof lipstick, the color can express its full intensity. A true formulation feat, Rouge Dior Forever rises to every challenge, even that of being clean.**

Rich and varied, the range of Rouge Dior Forever shades fulfills women's makeup desires. In addition to iconic tone-on-tone and trendy shades, Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director for Dior Makeup, has imagined extraordinary and ultra-couture shades, to discover in a limited edition.

* Instrumental test on 30 subjects.
** For more information visit the Dior page, “Responsible Formulation Charter.”


The House of Dior had the desire to dress women's smiles in all circumstances. Today, Rouge Dior is fulfilling this wish through the achievement of combining extreme wear with the softness of a bullet lipstick to provide:

- 16h* of transfer-proof wear: no more lipstick that smudges on skin or clothes. Color stays put, intact and intense.
- 16h** of comfort: its fine and creamy texture fuses with the lips until you forget you're wearing it. Enhanced with a matte glow that intensely dresses them without weighing them down, the lips remain supple and smooth all day long.

* Instrumental test on 30 subjects.
** Self-rated by 30 subjects.


This transfer-proof innovation was made possible by the expertise of the Dior laboratories, which assembled their best compatible ingredients to ensure color uniformity and adherence without compromising the natural suppleness of lips, which is preserved.

Dior is committed to sustainable beauty: Rouge Dior Forever unveils a clean* formulation with a strict selection of ingredients. Its peony extract, which helps lips maintain their natural hydration, is of natural origin.

* For more information visit the Dior page, “Responsible Formulation Charter.”


Among the 28 Rouge Dior Forever shades, 3 iconic colors stand out:

- 999 Forever Dior: the absolute red that enhances women's beauty, and derives its triple 9 from the first two lipsticks launched by Christian Dior, the 9 and 99.
- 100 Forever Nude Look: a reinterpretation of the greige New Look of 1947, a color created by Christian Dior as the perfect blend of gray and beige. The perfect contemporary nude.
- 720 Forever Icone: an intense rosewood that celebrates the work of its creator, a true fashion icon.

1 surprising shade, to discover in a limited edition: 111 Forever Night, the Dior charcoal black.

Application Tips

1. Prime your lips by applying Rouge Dior Balm in its neutral shade 000 Diornatural. Remove excess by pinching a tissue between your lips.
2. For better definition of the lips, use the Dior Contour lip pencil in the shame shade as the lipstick.
3. Apply Rouge Dior Forever directly on lips and let dry for 3 minutes to optimally set the color. Be sure to close the cap after use to preserve all the properties of the formula.


The first Dior transfer-proof bullet lipstick, Rouge Dior Forever combines ultra-pigmentation and comfort. Infused with floral lip care, it provides 16h* wear with a bare-lip feel.


Say goodbye to lipstick that smudges on skin or clothes: with Rouge Dior Forever, color stays put, intact and intense.


Rouge Dior Forever is infused with red peony extract, the emblematic ingredient of the line that echoes Christian Dior's love of flowers. Thus enriched with floral lip care, its formula helps maintain the natural hydration of lips for 16h of weightless comfort.





Rouge Dior Forever celebrates the power of women and sorority. A poetic and emotional manifesto that incites all women to support and encourage one another.

* Instrumental test on 30 subjects.
** Self-rated by 30 subjects.