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A genuine couture fragrance, Rouge Trafalgar is a lively and fruity scent, a joyful composition celebrating the red designs that would suddenly light up Christian Dior's haute couture fashion shows.

The Rouge Trafalgar fragrance follows the story of "Atout-Cœur", the spectacular all-red dress created by Christian Dior for the 1955 Spring-Summer Haute Couture show. Like the fragrance, the effect of this red Dior dress was explosive and ravishing, stirring and disruptive: it was one of those "coups de Trafalgar" that the couturier liked to toss into the middle of a collection.
"It is the custom to call them the 'Trafalgars.' These dresses recapture the wandering attention of the audience an hour into the show," as Christian Dior explained in his book Dior by Dior (1956).

"Rouge Trafalgar is a fragrance with the seductive signature of a delicate and mouthwatering Red Berry accord, to which I also added captivating unexpected notes like Black Currant and Grapefruit. It's a vivifying trail that reflects the famous Dior red, an iconic colour of the House. A classic that has lost none of its shine."

Fruity-Floral. The fragrance leads the dance around a burst of tangy Red Berries, summery Strawberry and velvety Raspberry heightened by the freshness of sun-drenched Mandarin. The "coup de Trafalgar" of this unique* fragrance is delivered by an intriguing Black Currant absolute. Right in the middle of this show of red fruits, Violet Leaf absolute, notes of Wood and Patchouli, and lingering Musks slip in.

Spicy and tangy, Rouge Trafalgar also holds a roundness that is gradually revealed.

Should one even ask? The revered Dior red fills the Rouge Trafalgar fragrance with its magic and energy.
Rouge Trafalgar releases a lively and turbulent trail that electrifies the family of Maison Christian Dior fragrances. The fragrance evokes a mischievous, carefree red: Rouge Trafalgar reveals the character of a hypnotic and volcanic olfactory creation.

Unwittingly seductive, Rouge Trafalgar is a fragrance that starts with a burst and ripples forth like a kiss scented with laughter. In the wake of this outpouring, the fragrance settles into a lasting seduction with a trail that calls out to happiness.

Jasmin des Anges Body Creme and Mitzah Le Soleil scarf.

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