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The Ambre Nuit candle, imbued with amber and sensual notes, is available in an exclusive* 1.5 kg size.

An art of living piece for indoor or outdoor use, the Ambre Nuit giant candle expresses in its swirls of smoke the singular scent of one of the most iconic fragrances in La Collection Privée Christian Dior.

Poured into a white ceramic holder, the Ambre Nuit scented candle has 4 wicks to ensure an even burn of the wax and a strong olfactory diffusion. This giant candle is placed in a round "hat box" style case, which also comes with a base and a lid.

Burning time: up to 110 hours.

* At Dior.

How To

1. Light the scented candle and place it on the base.
2. When you are done burning the candle, use the snuffer from La Collection Privée Christian Dior to extinguish the flame and thus reduce the spread of smoke.
3. Preserve the fragrance of your candle by covering it with the lid.