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Energetic and elegant, the new Dior Homme Sport eau de toilette combines fresh vivacity and charm with a hint of sensuality for a duo that packs the punch of a boxer's uppercut.

Vibrant, explosive and immediately recognizable, the opening signature of Dior Homme Sport is marked by citrus and the open air, freshness and movement. For this new Dior Homme Sport, the Dior Perfumer-Creator chose to color the eau de toilette with warm and ambery notes, wrap it in spices and round it out with woody notes. The confident trail of Dior Homme Sport incarnates a masculinity entwined with a smooth, noble quality.

The new Dior Homme Sport eau de toilette thus plays with freshness and sensuality. It's a luminous scent, enriched with a new, lasting impression that takes hold and lingers like a caress.

Perfumer's Word

Reggio di Calabria Bergamot
An absolute signature of vibrant top notes, Reggio di Calabria Bergamot is a juicy, zesty and distinguished gust of wind, upheld by an Italian Lemon note. It's a knock to the senses, an appeal to an irresistible freshness now propelled by a vibrant aldehyde note.

Elemi and Pink Pepper
This thunderous departure is enriched with intense fresh notes, like the ultra-powerful, resinous and lemony Elemi that enters into dialogue with the juicy citrus and further heightens its expressiveness. Explosive, the peppery spice of Pink Pepper joins in the dance of the new fragrance's composition.

Frankincense and Woody Notes
Frankincense is invited for the first time to the heart of Dior Homme Sport, heightened and generous. It injects a sacred intensity that melds with the woods and amber, emblematic signatures of Dior Homme.

Olfactory Notes

"I reworked the signature freshness of Dior Homme Sport to pack the punch of a boxer's uppercut. [...] It's a decidedly new composition, revisited with a notion of carefree elegance."


The Dior Homme monolithic bottle is renewed with a lightweight elegance. Its clear glass bottle is chiseled with sleek lines and topped with the line's signature cap, a black cube with the DIOR HOMME logo enshrined within a crystalline cube. Below, the raised letters SPORT stand out in a beautiful, vibrant vinyl red.

Application Tips

Prolong the trail of Dior Homme Sport eau de toilette with the Dior Homme ritual:

1. Awaken the senses with the invigorating notes of Dior Homme shower gel.
2. Soften your skin with Dior Homme after-shave balm.
3. Get that fresh feeling with Dior Homme spray deodorant.