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La Colle Noire is the name of the estate Christian Dior purchased in 1951, which became his floral paradise: a true haven of peace. Ode to the notes of May Rose that pervades the grounds, the fragrance La Colle Noire was composed like an olfactory portrait of a place and its legendary flower.

"In the springtime, the notes of the Centifolia Rose takes over the garden of La Colle Noire, Christian Dior's beloved home in the Grasse region. It is an extraordinary time, when the flower's plump, honeyed and fruity scent lingers in the air. This fragrance is an ode to that magical place and the unique rose that grows in the land of my childhood."

Floral. This floral fragrance is the expression of a faceted and incisive rose. A true immersion into the gardens of La Colle Noire, the fragrance develops floral notes of Christian Dior's favorite flower.

Unique, spicy and powerful, the notes of Grasse rose are almost dizzying. The floral fragrance La Colle Noire expresses all of its raw and solar beauty with an incisive intensity.

The flower's vivid pink hue, whose nuances vary according to the angle of the sunlight in the fields of Grasse and the flower garden of the Château de La Colle Noire.

La Colle Noire fragrance paints the spicy portrait of accords of May Rose with a strong character. The olfactory composition is orchestrated around the beauty and vehemence of this sensual, honeyed flower.

The rosy, peppery scent wafting in the air during the harvest.

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