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Beware of scammers posing as Dior Beauty on unofficial social media platforms, selling unauthorized products. Only make payments to Dior Beauty Online on
If you suffered a monetary loss or loss of personal information, kindly file a police report.

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Rouge Dior, the Dior makeup icon, is housed in a new case with magnetic beauty and a contemporary design. Its wide range of shades – available in two finishes – allow you to express all types of personalities and femininities. Long wearing, Rouge Dior offers 24 hours* of comfort thanks to a formula infused with hydrating floral lip care.

A true couture accessory with the signature Dior style, the new Rouge Dior lipstick is adorned with the iconic cannage pattern and a silver-colored CD band. Its magnetic lid clips on and off as desired, in one simple step. A sensorial and designer object, Rouge Dior has become an addictive couture accessory, a daily essential to be kept close at hand.

The Rouge Dior lipstick is available in two couture finishes:

The matte velvet finish has an enveloping malleable texture for full, soft lips. Without compromising comfort, its film has a barely-there feel that leaves lips plump and smooth. The stick is decorated with a pattern inspired by Dior fabrics.
The creamy texture of the satin finish creates bright and shapely lips. The skin appears supple and plump, heightened with intense radiance and softness.

* Self-scoring by 31 subjects.


Available in satin and velvet finishes, Rouge Dior boasts a formula infused with two times more floral lip care* for intense comfort. It ensures 12 hours** of true color for an even, long-wearing result with perfect coverage.
Lips appear plump and smooth, embellished with a soft, matte effect for the velvet finish and a bright, creamy effect for the satin finish.

* vs. the previous formula.
** Instrumental test on 31 subjects.


Peony is the iconic ingredient of Rouge Dior formulas. Its extract delivers dual action: hydrating lips and improving skin quality. Lips are radiant and the Rouge Dior shades are enhanced.

The action of the peony extract is complemented by pomegranate flower extract, which brings suppleness and softness to lips. Lips are softer and plump-looking, fine lines and grooves appear smoothed.

Shea butter complements the floral extracts’ protective action and offers intense comfort and nourishment. Lips are smooth, guaranteeing even lipstick.


- 999 satin and velvet: the must-have Dior red that derives its triple 9 from the first two lipsticks launched by Christian Dior, the 9 and 99. This shade enhances all women's lips with its perfect color balance: a warm red heightened with a hint of blue. 999 is the color of an elegant, confident Dior woman. A determined woman who is true to herself and her convictions.

- 720 Icone satin and velvet: the rosewood that pays homage to Christian Dior's favorite color. Intimately tied to the first icons of the House, 720 Icone is also the color interpretation of a vibrant and fulfilled femininity. The color of a courageous and optimistic woman who is joyfully open to all the beauty in the world.

- 100 Nude Look satin and velvet: the perfect contemporary nude that combines a soft beige with a dash of pink. The celebration of an elegant and natural femininity, without artifice. To be more beautiful than ever while remaining oneself, but fully confident with a touch of 100 Nude Look.

- 777 Fahrenheit velvet: the flamboyant Dior orangey-red that takes its 7 and 77 from the founding shades of the Rouge Dior collection. Vibrant and fiery, its color incarnates a passionate, enterprising and daring Dior woman. For women who want to rewrite the rules, who dare to be different and celebrate it.

Application Description

1. Apply the Rouge Dior balm as a hydrating base. Use a tissue to remove any excess product before applying makeup to the lips.
2. Line the lips with Rouge Dior Contour.
3. For intense and even color, apply Rouge Dior from the center of the lips outwards.


To refill your Rouge Dior lipstick, unclip the previous refill from the lipstick base and insert the new refill in its place.


The iconic Dior lipstick is reinvented in a redesigned case. Even more streamlined and elegant than before, Rouge Dior can be clipped and unclipped at will, more addictive than ever.