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The Saint-Honoré scented candle unfurls intense accords around spicy, floral, woody and vanilla notes. Its scent evokes a Parisian apartment, at once warm and sophisticated.

The trail of the Saint-Honoré scented candle is steeped in the generous, fragrant art of living of La Collection Privée Christian Dior.

Housed in an ecru porcelain holder, the candle offers up to 60 hours of burn time. Enjoy your Saint-Honoré candle with accessories from La Collection Privée Christian Dior – stand, lid and snuffer – to enjoy every moment of the candle and maintain it with care.

How to

Place your candle in a stable, upright position to ensure the wax melts evenly.
Before each use, remember to trim the wick of your candle to limit any black smoke. The wick should be no longer than 5 mm (1/4”).

When using for the first time, be sure to let the candle burn until the entire surface becomes liquid. This prevents tunneling and allows the wax to burn evenly. During each use, burn for 2 to 3 hours at a time to fully release the fragrance's notes and create an ideal atmosphere. Do not leave the candle burning for longer than the recommended amount of time to prevent the ceramic jar from overheating.

To avoid blackening the enamel, make sure that the candle’s wick is always centered.

Once the candle has been used up, simply wipe the enamel with a soft cloth to restore it to its original luster.